Lawtime.in is an initiative from Legal Awarenes and Welfare Foundation (LAW FOUNDATION) was started in 2016 with the mission and vision is to establish an unbiased, reliable, free, fair and fearless people oriented Law and Legal news portal/web channel, TV channel and print publication in phases. Lawtime.in is an on-line law and legal information website with a sole objective is to serve its entire law community (lawyer & legal professionals, Senior Counsels, Judges, Law Makers, Parliamentarians, Politicians and Policy Makers, Business Persons, Bureaucrats, Law and legal establishment, Law Book Publisher, Law software, CD companies and of course professional dress makers for law people) under one user-friendly platform of the law people, by the law people, for the law people at no cost, with a pan-India presence having more than 200000 readers across the globe.


Lawtime.in brings you a complete feed of Law and Legal stories, news about law, lawyers and legal fraternity, so that you can stay update from time to time everytime from District Courts, High Courts, Supreme Court of India and Foreign and International Courts. No matter wherever you are - Just a click - www.lawtime.in

Why Lawtime.in ?

  1. Lawtime.in is the world's only comprehensive law & legal information portal in real time for members of the legal community and the public at large.

  3. Lawtime.in is covering all that law - legal stories based on their practical importance and Judicial decision from all the court published and unpublished.

  5. Lawtime.in is free, open and accessible. No registration hassle or subscription barriers in the way of anyone in viewing-benefitting from Lawtime.in

  7. Lawtime.in is presenting primary resource materials - News, Press releases, Report on Law, legal stories, interviews, Judicial decisions and Legislation



Lawtime.in, presently has a nominated Editorial Advisory Board of Members consisting of eminent personalities from different walks of life. Lawtime.in, is in the process of establishing a permanent Editorial Advisory Board consisting of various National and International Legal experts, Retired Judges, Legal Legends, Legal Luminaries, Law Academicians, Legal research scholars, Law Firm partners, Law practitioners, etc.


The Current Editorial team consists of a talented professionals, including Advocates, Lawyers, Law students, Law teachers, retired prosecutors and govt pleaders, law department staffs who writes, reviews, analysis and organises interviews, besides web professionals who are continuously refining this website from time-to-time on suggestions enthusiastically supporting our users.


The proposed Editorial Advisory Board will not only guide the Editorial Team but would also closely monitor their performance to ensure that the purpose of Lawtime.in are achieved.


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